Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion and stuff

These are just some pics I have of family members I thought were cute and that I should share.
Kami stayed a few days at my house with the kids. I PROMISED Jace I would catch him a lizard. What was I thinking????? The first one I caught, I ended up holding only a tail. Jace was quite upset but soon afterwards I caught another. He had fun with it and then was so good about letting it go.

Ellie spent a week at Grandma and Grandpa Peck's house with her cousins Alli and Ashlyn. They put on this little performance to a song. Their outfits were perfect!!!

The talent show at the family reunion. Jeff had us all playing along to his song.

All 18 Peck grandchildren!!

Oh these three....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check out Mom's new garden!!!

I just thought mom has done such a good job with her garden that I wanted you all to see it. This is behind the gas tanks and it's so cute. I helped her hoe between the rows last weekend and it was good fun. she's got rows of everything and I'm excited to steal from it. All mom's garden beds look so pretty with flowers everywhere. Your hard work is paying off mom and I love it!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pics of the girls from the last few months...

I love what Keysha said about not apologizing for slacking on blogging. So I don't have to either...

Ellie had her first violin recital last Saturday. For only playing for a few months, she did really well and looked so pretty.

Don't know if you have all heard our puppy story. After buying that little Pug last summer and having it die of Parvo a week later, my girls have been begging me for a new dog. Since Bret has been working in Utah, I thought a new puppy may fill the void a little for the girls so I have been trying to find one. I thought I had found the perfect one and brought him home from Ogden a couple weeks ago on a Monday. The girls loved him and he was so cute. "Chubby" loved Ellie but ran from Brylee. Anyways....on Friday night the owner called me and begged for the puppy back. Her story was so sad and I just couldn't say no. I talked to Ellie about it and she agreed it was the right thing to do. So after a week we gave the dog back. That's strike two and I have officially been cured of my need for a dog. My kids haven't, but i am done. We are gonna get a turtle.

I love this pic

Ellie also had her first gymnastics performance for the parents and she got a medal.

According to my friend this was my, "Bad mothering moment". I took the girls to Carey for Mother's day and Brylee spent the entire time in the chicken coop with grandmas new little chickens. Brylee cried non-stop for grandma's chickens when we returned home and it did not stop. On Thursday morning she was crying so hard when I dropped her off at daycare and I just figured she would stop. She usually does. But after one hour, the babysitter called me to tell me I had t come get her because she was still screaming and upsetting all the other kids. The school couldn't find me a substitute so I had to bring Brylee to school with me. She was still screaming for the baby chickens. I relaly needed to teach my classes so I promised her we would go buy baby chickens if she would be good for me at school. She was an angel all day and just absolutely perfect. When we got to the pet shop she said, "Mom we need to buy two so they can be best friends." So we got two.

They were fun for about 10 days and then I found them a permament home. By then Brylee had gotten over them and I have not heard a word since.

I love my two girls
We have caught a couple lizards around our house this spring. They are super fast and so hard to catch. but....once you catch them they are so calm and hardly move. I think they are too afraid to. But anyways the girls can play with them unti they get tired and then they let them go.

One of Brylee's many dress-up moments

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brylee's Birthday Hair Cut!!!!!
Oh I just think she looks adorable and I laugh every time I look at her. I love her short hair.

Grandpa and Grandma Peck you did "Oh so good" on her presents. She loves feeding and doctoring her puppy and carries it everywhere. We gave her a large LPS Kitty and she puts each one to bed at night and makes us be quiet.

She was so excited to get a BIG box in the mail and even more excited when she realized their were actual presents inside.
We had a little party for Brylee on Sunday with some friends. Ellie and I decorated the house while Brylee took a nap. Her face was so cute when she woke up and realized it was for her. We are still celebrating, two days later.

Grandpa and Grandma Scherer, she loves the books and cute clothes. She really is into books lately so this was perfect.

Ellie has a hard time staying out of the spot light and was a little jealous of Brylee but she was a great sister and made sure Brylee had a good birthday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weekend in Carey

I took my friend, Victoria, and her three boys ages 6, 3, and 1 to Carey for the weenend to see "animals" and just get away since her husband was gone on a business trip and Bret was writing his graduate paper. I don't think they had been around many animals prior to this trip but we changed all that. My pictures always post out of order to please forgive.
Mom took us along with Arriel Patterson and three of her kids over to her boss's ranch so we could go on a hay ride and feed the animals. The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun.
My new friend, Victoria Byrd and my life-long friend Arriel Patterson. I love and cherish them both.

Yes Ellie loves dogs, she must if she likes them kissing her mouth! Oh Well!

Mom thank you so much, I love you

This is Arriel's daughter, Kelsey, Brylee, and Victoria's son, Jace.

The kids had fun in the snow. Todd, after a lot of pleading, took the kids sledding behind the 4-wheeler. They loved it but were so cold when they got done. I made Todd Oreo Truffles afterwards so he would be willing to do it again. Thanks Todd, Love you.

On the way to Carey Mom met us out at Lava Lake and took us to the Sheep shed where there were hundreds of baby lambs. The kids just loved it. They held them, let them suck their fingers and played with them. Ellie fell in love with one particular lamb (not sure how she could it apart from the others) and insisted that the lamb loved her too.

We went over to Pattersons and Arriel let the kids ride her horse, feed the goats grain out of their hands, feed the chickens, and ride the snow machines. Thanks Arriel!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ellie's New Look

Ellie has been wanting bangs for a while now. I guess it's what all the girls are doing these days. I fought it for a while but then decided she should be allowed to make this decision. So today her and I went and got hair cuts. She actually looks adorable and I am glad she has bangs. It's a nice new look for her. And...I think she will be more willing to let me do her hair now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Dad!!!

So Bret was resting on the couch with a horrible headache when we got home from school/violin lessons. The girls wanted to secretly color their dad's feet so they got the markers out. I'm pretty sure Bret woke up immediately but he didn't stop them. He was such a good sport and the girls giggled the whole time. I remember my friends and I painting my dad's toe nails when we were little.

The final product

What a good dad my kids have!!!!

I just added this so you could see what we saw this morning when we opened our front door.